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25: I'm searching for english subtitles for Nine Lives of Thomas Katz. If somebody has one please send it to (Mon Mar 28 21:42:34 2005)

KATZPOPE: AMANDE - du kannst die CD bei WWW.CRIMSONNOISE.CO.UK kaufen. Katzpabst. (Wed Mar 16 09:13:51 2005)

(Tue Mar 15 21:18:21 2005)

(Tue Mar 15 21:17:57 2005)

amande: hallo, bin ganz speziell interessiert an der filmmusik von tomas katz. wer kann mir sagen, wo ich diese (ohne film) bekommen kann.merci. (Tue Mar 15 21:17:44 2005)

amande: hallo, bin ganz speziell interessiert an der filmmusik von tomas katz. wer kann mir sagen, wo ich diese (ohne film) bekommen kann.merci. (Tue Mar 15 21:14:46 2005)

Mr B: The precious item known as 'The Nine Lives Of Tomas Katz' will once again emanate from a UK cinema screen on Monday 21st March at the Ster Century Cinema, 6.15pm as part of Leeds Film Quarter.For more information go to and click on 'Leeds Film Quarter' (Fri Feb 25 16:17:47 2005)

Nekto Lucas: I would say that it was perfectly dubbed. You can also visit: (the TV broadcasting company).Katzthanks for your Katzattention to our Katzmessages from Russia. (Tue Feb 15 19:51:20 2005)

KATZPOPE: Greetings to our Russian friends. We are happy that our film has reached the great Russian Bear. We are sorry that there is no Russian DVD or VHS version of the film available. Please inform: was it shown in Russia with Russian subtitles? Dubbed? Please inform the Katzpope - we are no longer in control of our products, as we are alienated from the means of production, and from existence in its totality. (Thu Feb 10 19:19:05 2005)

Nekto Lucas: Etot film - prosto zashibiss!!! Ya tozhe ego videl po kanalu "Kultura"! A gde mozhno kupit russkuy versiu (v smisle, ozvuchennuyu po-russki)?Kto znaet, pi**BAD WORD**e mne na (kstati, mozhete pisat i po-angliyski, ya im tozhe svobodno vladeyu). Spasibo vam, vsem schastlivo, udachi!!! (Sat Feb 5 16:21:59 2005)

alex: I want a pic of Thomas Fisher from this film badly!!!!!!!!! He's handsome, doesn't he.. And I want to see it again.. it's deep. (Fri Feb 4 20:27:37 2005) This film went on russian TV!!! I've never seen something similar/, and I hope to see it again. But it's Russian version isn't everywere, and I can't understand English well. IT'S A GREAT PITY!!! (Wed Feb 2 10:03:42 2005)

Esu Bam, CEO of the Katz Corporation.: The present is in the tender but fumbling hands of the Royal Mail. It should by rights arrive today. (Thu Jan 27 14:05:44 2005)

Rusla: That was a very good film. Farewell. (Wed Jan 26 17:39:03 2005)

Nicolas: Hi every one. I'm looking for a dvd of "the nine lives of tomas katz" that would have english subtitles or even better : french subtitles. If you know any thing about that please send me a mail at : (Tue Jan 25 23:53:43 2005)

Kitty and Rebecca: We are scared by your message. We hoped for so much and have received so little (please note: no present as yet!). Pray, why? Wot have we [not] done? (Tue Jan 25 14:54:37 2005)

Esu Bam, CEO of the Katz Corporation.: In time. We thank you. You are now assets of the Katz Corporation and we retain the right to dispose of you as we see fit. Your asset pack will arrive in due course. In nomine katzis, amen. (Thu Jan 20 13:14:04 2005)

Kitty and Rebecca: Our gift has not arrived as yet ... Pray, where is it? CANNOT WAIT! (Wed Jan 19 18:21:55 2005)

Kitty and Rebecca: Crumbs, so our message was indeed the root cause of meltdown? Really, truly, we are sorry. Though clearly, we are also powerful! [Mozt pleasing]. But more importantly, we are BEYOND DELIGHTED with the news of a wee giftette from Katzcorp! Thank you many times over! We are so delighted that even though we will now get kicked out of our company for divulging these details here is our address: Rebecca and Kathrine, Medical Dept. [yes, we are sick], BMS, 141-149 Staines Road, Middlesex, TW3 3JA. And as for your gratuitous swinging query; really, we are liberal girls, but not that liberal. (Wed Jan 19 18:20:37 2005)

Esu Bam, CEO of the Katz Corporation.: Even stranger is the fact that it was this message, submitted by the Katzpope himself, that caused the site to disappear into a white void. The message follows:Ah, Chelsea - I passed through it once on a scubadiving venture, having entered the sewers of the Serpentine and swum sloanewards. At one time in the past, in the 60s I believe, Chelsea was considered swinging, but I suspect it has become unswung. Let me know your work address and the KatzCorporation will send you a thing, a recording of the film emanation, in recognition of your foral dedication. (Wed Jan 19 13:09:09 2005)

Kitty and Rebecca: MY GOD -- amazing! By sending the previous communication the screen has been magically restored! Thank you for letting us back in. We will not cause trouble again; we will merely observe from the side lines [of life]. (Tue Jan 18 19:27:48 2005)

Rebecca and Kitty: Good Lord -- WHAT HAS HAPPENED? When we try and view the messages the screen goes entirely blank! Nay white! We do hope that this is not related to our previous communication which made us sound like desperate freaks. That will teach us to be too forthright; time for us to be wall flowers again; sniffle, whimper. Whinney. (Tue Jan 18 19:26:17 2005)